Support ECTC!

As we approach the final month of preparations for ECTC2019, I’d like to humbly request for those interested in supporting the conference to donate via

A major goal of the East Coast Taiko Conference is to keep registration costs affordable to anybody who would like to participate in an exciting weekend filled with taiko, the instrument we all share a passion for!

As a yearly conference hosted by collegiate student groups, we face difficulties in securing funding for the conference. Workshop Leaders already work under extremely generous terms, however, transportation, facilities usage, and equipment add up to a hefty sum.

With your contribution, it will allow us to make sure that the East Coast Taiko Conference stays as a yearly event that helps connect the Taiko Community together and form stronger bonds.

Please consider contributing any amount towards our cause! And if you can’t, no worries! Just sharing this message with your friends and family means a lot to us!










コーネル大学 邪馬太一同

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